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August 2013, Protesters in NYC Chant about Cristina Kirchner outside UN Security Council 

June 2013 What's The Truth About Argentina's Deal With Iran?

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June 13, 2013 ATFA Response to Ambassador  Nahon

ATFA's Executive Director Robert Raben wrote a letter to Congress in response to the Argentine Embassy's reaction to ATFA's advertisements, "Argentina: the New Narco State" and "Argentina and Iran: Shameful Allies."

See the letter here: ATFA Responds to Ambassador Nahon

June 2013 ATFA White Paper: An Update on Argentina's Decline

The Republic of Argentina under the administration of President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner is growing increasingly estranged from the international community of law-abiding nations. In four major areas, Argentina’s conduct is drifting further from the norms associated with G-20 membership and closer to that of a rogue state: contempt for U.S. and international law; growing authoritarianism, crackdowns and corruption; a burgeoning alliance with Iran; an increasingly central role in teh international drug trade.

See the white paper here: ATFA White Paper-An Update on Argentina's Decline


March 22, 2013 ATFA Letter to Treasury

ATFA's Co-Chairs Robert Shapiro and Nancy Soderberg wrote a letter to Under Secretary Brainard commending him for his leadership on U.S. policy opposing World Bank and Inter-American Development Bank (DIB) loans to Argentina until the government honors its international debt obligations.

See the letter here: ATFA Letter to Treasury

January 31, 2013 Event on the Erosion of Civil Liberties in Argentina

Carnegie Mellon Professor James B. Kadane's graph on discrepancy between Argentina's official and unofficial inflation index


January 8, 2013 Pari Passu Teleconference

Teleconference Audio: 1-8 Pari Passu Teleconference Audio

Teleconference Transcript: 

December 27, 2012 Pari Passu Teleconference

Teleconference Transcript:

8N Global Protest Gallery

ATFA-USCA Press Conference Pictures

ATFA Protest in NYC - September 26, 2007 Pictures

Radio and Video Interviews

Robert Shapiro, NPR’s All Things Considered Radio Interview
Radio Interview

"U.S. Constituents Urge Repayment"

U.S. Criticizes Argentina's Presidential Election
National Public Radio

"Repudiated Debt and The Paris Club"

Transcript: English | Español


"Nestor Precedent"

Transcript: English | Español

Robert Shapiro, Clarin's iEco
Radio Interview

"Americas Competitiveness Forum"

Transcript: English | Español


"First German Bondholders' Society (IGA) in Frankfurt on April 24, 2007." (Part I)

"First German Bondholders' Society (IGA) in Frankfurt on April 24, 2007."(Part II)

"First German Bondholders' Society (IGA) in Frankfurt on April 24, 2007." (Part III)

Robert Shapiro
Bloomberg on the Markets International

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