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04/23/2014 Before the U.S. Supreme Court, the vultures took a step forward

04/18/2014 Complaints from several countries over the adulteration of trade figures

04/18/2014 Suspicion that INDEC falsified the trade surplus of 2013

04/17/2014 Argentina’s Latest Act of Civil Disobedience: Drawing on Pesos to Protest Inflation

04/17/2014 Japan believes that agreeing with the Paris Club is not sufficient for Argentina

04/16/2014 Argentina Of Kirchner: Populism Or Kleptocracy?

04/16/2014 Inflation was 2.6% and already surpassed what was predicted for the whole year

04/16/2014 The IMF and Kicillof’s ‘epic’

04/15/2014 La Cámpora tried to impose its own ambassador in France and there was push-back

04/15/2014 Kicillof: “There are no results from the trip to the IMF because we were not seeking anything”

04/15/2014 Media Law: stalled with divestments

04/15/2014 Kicillof believes there is no need for the IMF to review the economy

04/01/2014 The K-slogan: reaching 2015 without tumbling over

03/31/2014 American creditors ‘ad-bomb’ the La Campora ambassador in Washington

03/26/2014 The vulture funds object to the support of Brazil and France for Argentina

03/26/2014 Wanting to attach services for satellites

03/21/2014 Analysts ask that debt in default be normalized to avoid another devaluation

03/19/2014 A difficult time for a walking trip

03/18/2014 Moody’s lowers country’s rating: it sees more chance of default

03/18/2014 For Moody’s, the drop in reserves puts debt payment at risk

03/17/2014 Argentine February Inflation Trails Estimates After Devaluation

03/16/2014 Study says that the government of Cristina “is sinking” due to its incapacity

03/13/2014 Lapidary diagnosis in the U.S. about the country’s course

03/13/2014 Kerry Says State Department Won’t Back Argentina in Debt Case

03/06/2014 Resignation in Washington over the ups and downs in relations

03/04/2014 Argentina: Freedom of the press at risk

03/04/2014 What Cristina doesn’t talk about, and isn’t in the mood to announce

02/27/2014 “The voice of Fábrega has replaced Axel’s in Cristina’s

02/27/2014 “After agreement with Repsol, payments to bondholders will increase US$1.4 billion in two years”

02/26/2014 The 70 days that will shake the local economy begin today

02/26/2014 Wall Street sees it as a constructive move but see the country as still far from the markets

02/25/2014 Kicillof is studying issuing US$15 billion in debt to pay Repsol, Paris Club and holdouts

02/22/2014 Argentina Messengers Deliver Cash Like Pizza

02/21/2014 Argentina Nears Its Regularly Scheduled Meltdown

02/21/2014 UPDATE 2-Spain's Repsol writes off YPF loss as dispute nears end

02/21/2014 In the U.S., they advise against military assistance to Argentina

02/21/2014 Kicillof in private: admits problems with inflation and the dollar, but speaks of a stabilization plan

02/18/2014 Don't Cry for Me Argentina, Pay Me

02/11/2014 The government adds a new setback in the ICSID in a lawsuit over debt in default

02/11/2014 Argentina: ‘We Increase’ Progress or Corruption?

02/11/2014 Argentina Blasts 'Speculative Attacks'

02/11/2014 Argentina to fire its last round in battle with bond holdouts with petition to US supreme court

02/10/2014 Argentine ultra-Kirchner militants call for government control over foreign trade

02/09/2014 Doubts about if the U.S. will support Argentina in the Supreme Court

02/07/2014 Argentina's Campaign Against Inflation Gets Personal

02/07/2014 Devastating vision of the country in the U.S. Congress

02/07/2014 Somber diagnosis from U.S. senators about Argentina’s course

02/07/2014 U.S. senators warn of crisis and criticize the government

02/04/2014 The plan was to survive until 2015, but today it’s about surviving until Monday

01/27/2014 60% of Argentines disapprove of Minister Kicillof’s management

01/27/2014 Argentina: on the intellectual arrogance of the government and the economic disaster

01/26/2014 A leadership with a damaged compass

01/23/2014 An agreement that is being cooked on a slow flame

01/23/2014 Argentina and the Paris Club open negotiations until March 25

01/23/2014 Argentina's President Kirchner suddenly reappears after going missing for 40 days

01/23/2014 Argentine Default Chaos Relived as Blackouts Follow Looting

01/23/2014 Argentine Peso Plummets Most Since 2002 as Depreciation Quickens

01/23/2014 US dollar with no cap in Argentina: climbs 3.4% in a single day

01/23/2014 In the U.S., they don’t rule out a crisis

01/22/2014 Kicillof receives lukewarm support of the Paris Club to initiate negotiation

01/17/2014 In the U.S., warnings on the limits on the press in Argentina

01/15/2014 Argentina, given failing grade in economic freedom

01/13/2014 Kicillof rejected placing debt at 15% annual

01/13/2014 “Today, Argentina has no one to lend to it”

01/12/2014 The government’s compass is broken

01/10/2014 Kicillof’s service fails and Scioli convenes economists over doubts

01/06/2014 Argentina to apply for £1.8billion World Bank loan just days after we reveal Britain sends the country £2million in aid

01/06/2014 Argentina May Get Supreme Court Review For Its First Debt Case, But Not The Second

01/05/2014 The Argentine energy crisis in numbers

01/02/2014 Kicillof continues on with the purge at Economy

01/02/2014 A decade of international isolation (Editorial)

12/19/2013 Argentina's socioeconomic statics; Still lying after all these years

12/19/2013 World Bank changes its director in the country and delays agreement on new funds

12/11/2013 Predictions that the government will apply more controls to halt the fall in reserves

12/05/2013 Obama doesn’t want the U.S. to have inequality like Argentina

12/03/2013 The deaf battle to bring in dollars by dint of promises and gestures

11/27/2013 A demand that the country open itself to the markets

11/22/2013 Dollar: Capitanich and Kicillof analyze four options

11/21/2013 Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, Reinhart and Rogoff: “This time is different”

11/19/2013 Changes in the cabinet: the City speculates on a split currency but without changes in the economy

11/19/2013 Lorenzino leaves Economy and will be focused on the debt

11/19/2013 Appeal is denied the government in the U.S. and now only the Supreme Court is left

11/18/2013 Cristina returns today and various announcements are expected on economic matters

11/17/2013 Coupmongers and narcos in the news

11/17/2013 Gov’t switches policies to solve reserves drop?

11/15/2013 The Argentine Peso: Clamped

11/15/2013 The World Bank delays the new program

11/15/2013 IADB will reduce its credit assistance for the country in 2014

11/15/2013 Argentina Needs to Slow Inflation, Central Bank President Says

11/14/2013 Argentina's Financial Tango

11/14/2013 Argentina’s Debt Follies

11/13/2013 UPDATE 1-IMF board to meet Dec. 9 on Argentina economic data

11/13/2013 Why Argentina Is In The Middle Of A Seemingly Inescapable Economic Demise

11/12/2013 Argentina, International Scofflaw

11/12/2013 Guest post: Argentina threw its creditors under the bus

11/12/2013 Corruption Surrounds World Bank Loan for Argentina

11/07/2013 Businessmen from the South of Brazil say that the situation is "unsustainable"

11/05/2013 Time to debate relations

11/05/2013 Time to debate relations

11/04/2013 Argentine Media Giant Plans Breakup

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  Press Releases
04/18/2014 MONDAY: Media Teleconference for 'NML v. Argentina' Discovery Case


01/21/2014 ATFA: Private Creditors Should be a Part of Argentina’s Negotiation Moves As They Advance with the Paris Club

10/07/2013 Argentina Denied at the Supreme Court

09/24/2013 Indignant Protests Follow Argentine President Cristina Kirchner in NYC During Meetings of UN General Assembly

09/12/2013 ATFA Responds to Argentine President Kirchner's Latest Scheme to Evade U.S. Court Orders

08/28/2013 ATFA Responds to Argentine President Kirchner's Latest Scheme to Evade U.S. Court Orders

08/23/2013 ATFA Welcomes Second Circuit Ruling in Argentina Debt Case

07/19/2013 ATFA: "IMF Involvement in U.S. Legal Case Could Harm the Fund"

07/17/2013 ATFA Letter to Supporters on IMF's Lagarde Meddling in U.S. Court Case

07/17/2013 ATFA Denounces Christine Lagarde's Effort to Immerse the IMF in a U.S. Court Case Between Argentina and Its U.S. Creditors

06/25/2013 ATFA Ad Exposes the Truth About Argentina’s Deal with Iran

03/18/2013 Media Teleconference: The End Game: NML v. Republic of Argentina

02/26/2013 2-26 ATFA Teleconference Transcript: What's Next After Oral Arguments in NML v. Republic of Argentina?

02/20/2013 ATFA Media Teleconference: What's Next After Oral Arguments in NML v. Republic of Argentina?

02/13/2013 PRESS RELEASE: ATFA Applauds UK Government's Decision to Oppose Future Lending to Argentina

01/31/2013 PRESS RELEASE: American Task Force Argentina and Freedom House Host Capitol Hill Briefing with Argentine Pensioners on Erosion of Civil Liberties in Argentina


01/28/2013 Event Press Release: The Erosion of Civil Liberties in Argentina Argentine Pensioners Decry Mistreatment by Government



01/09/2013 ATFA Media Teleconference Transcript: Legal Experts Say Second Circuit Initial Pari Passu Ruling Remains Intact

01/09/2013 Press Release: Legal Experts Say Second Circuit Initial Pari Passu Ruling Remains Intact

12/28/2012 ATFA Media Teleconference Transcript: Argentina's Pari Passu Appeal

12/27/2012 Press Release: Argentina Continues its Stall Tactics

12/06/2012 Press Release: Experts Alarmed By Argentina’s Runaway Inflation and Government’s Faulty Statistics to Try to Hide It

11/30/2012 Event: Argentina's Faulty Statistics and Runaway Inflation Breakfast Briefing

11/29/2012 Statement: ATFA Co-Chairs Nancy Soderberg and Robert Shapiro Applaud Subcommittee Approval of Legislation Holding Argentina Accountable

11/29/2012 Press Release: Legislation to Hold Argentina Accountable to U.S. Lenders Gains Momentum in House Foreign Affairs Committee

08/29/2012 Argentine President Cristina Kirchner's Popularity Plummets

07/31/2012 Lawmaker Urges U.S. State Department to Abstain from Participating in Argentina's Debt-Pay-Down "Victory" Celebration

06/15/2012 Times Square Message to Visiting Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner Reads: "Kick Argentina Out of the G20!"

08/13/2013 Statement for the Record Robert Raben, Executive Director, American Task Force Argentina Subcommittee Hearing: “Threat to the Homeland: Iran’s Extending Influence in the Western Hemisphere”

10/26/2012 Resources Post